The Disabled Darling is Born

I have been fighting RA for many years and finally at the young age of 39 my body gave out on me. Even though my body has given up, my mind still works and being a single mother of three, I cannot give up but must fight harder and become smarter to survive and give my children the life they deserve. I was told last October that I had about a year to live because of complications. I can tell you that 7 months in to that prognosis I do not feel like a woman about to depart this life but a woman with a stronger will to live!

This blog however, is not going to be about my illness. Instead, it is intended to be about useful hints to survive on a fixed income when you have a family to support and a household to run no matter what!

My journey began in the winter of 2010. I had no money coming in and food stamps in the amount of about $240 a month for me and three kids. The winter was particulary bad here and the cost of heating oil was using all my money. Snow storms were barrelling through leaving my kids out of school stranded inside doing nothing but eating! It did not take long for us too run out of food and money. I went to a local agency to get food assistance, North Buncombe Samaritan Ministries, and was pulled into an office by what I assume was the director or the supervisor. She lectured me on watching my budget and informed me that they were there to help people who did not get foodstamps. She pointed out to me that the agency also had a food shortage and they needed to help other people more. She suggested that I sell my home which I had worked all my life for and was particularly proud of buying on my own. She was evil. I was humiliated. Now keep in mind that I did not regularly seek out assistance and not been there before. I walked out of her office and felt like the biggest scum bucket in the world and swore I would never go back. That is when I started researching and discovered couponing and the free world that exists online. It opened up a whole new world too me that I never knew existed!

Now, over a year later, I feel much better about myself as a person. I am thankful to the hateful woman in that agency that day. I don’t even need public assistance now and my kids and I are doing wonderfully! I have to work at it and it can still be a struggle, but its much better that the alternatives.



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